Dispensing Machines for the Automotive and Transport Industries

Optimise production processes at your facility

IRMATIC presents a comprehensive array of equipment, meticulously crafted to refine your production processes and streamline tasks across vehicle design, manufacturing, configuration, and servicing.

These systems offer a modern solution for receiving, storing, and issuing tools, spare parts, components, assemblies, and other materials.


Application of Dispensing Machines for the Automotive and Transport Industries

Check out how you can use them in your organization.

Immediate Access to Materials and Tools

Ensure your employees have swift and efficient access to all necessary tools and materials for their day-to-day activities.

Stock Monitoring and Reporting Available 24/7

Maintain continual oversight and minimise costs by optimally adjusting stock levels to your storage space.

Control and Increased Responsibility of Employees

Exercise complete control over material flow, curb excess consumption or waste, and boost the use of reusable resources.

Process Support and Business Development

Integrate methodologies like Just-in-Time, Lean, Six Sigma, and Kaizen for seamless implementation of initiatives such as just-in-time production.

What makes it worth it

Discover why IRMATIC is the ideal solution for the automotive and transport industries.

24/7 Distribution

Efficiently dispense and receive assortments, tools, and materials used at your facility – swiftly, intuitively, securely, and without limitations.

Control and Monitoring

Monitor product and tool stocks, manage access flexibly, and set limits for selected employees.

Scalability and Development

Take advantage of our convenient modular system, allowing for expansion at any time to meet your company’s current needs.

Valuable Data

Create reports, analyse, and continuously monitor key parameters with our advanced system.

Easy Operation

Use the dedicated IRSYSTEM software, providing comprehensive control over all essential elements, accessible anytime, anywhere.

IRMATIC Dispensing Machines for the Automotive Industry

Explore dispensing solutions tailored for the automotive and transport industries.

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