Dispensing Machines for Hospitals and Laboratories

Ensure efficient distribution of medical equipment

IRMATIC is a collection of equipment offering your staff convenient access to a necessary range, while providing you with complete control over its use.

These machines will assist you in streamlining your flow, ensuring safety, and the efficient use of materials – in hospitals, medical facilities, or laboratories.


Application of Dispensing Machines in the Medical Industry

Discover how they can be integrated into your business.

Virtually Unlimited Possibilities

Distribute any medical and laboratory range: reagents, tips, sample trays, pipettes, personal protective equipment (PPE), and other items.

Unmanned Operation

Allocate access and limits, then automatically store, issue, and receive the necessary products. Whenever they are needed.

Control of Consumption, Costs, and Stocks

Gain constant insight (remotely and 24/7) into the key parameters that keep you on track, avoid exposing yourself to unplanned expenses, and maintain safe stock levels.

Regulatory Compliance

Utilise technology to help you operate in compliance with current regulations for the storage and use of medical and laboratory supplies.

What makes it worth it

Discover the outstanding qualities that every IRMATIC device offers.

24/7 Availability

At any time and place – ensure the effortless distribution of products exactly where they’re needed.

Control and Monitoring

Effortlessly monitor who utilises our product range, in which quantities, and how.

Scalability and Development

Easily expand your capabilities by adding extra modules to store, handle, and dispense even more products as needed.

Valuable Data

Acquire crucial insights that will empower you to continually enhance processes within your organization.

Easy Operation

Manage your devices from anywhere, at any time, with our user-friendly system.

Dispensing Machines for Hospitals and Laboratories – IRMATIC

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