Dispensing Machines for Industry

Elevate your production facility’s operations

Experience IRMATIC, a comprehensive range of equipment designed to enhance process optimisation, and elevate the safety and comfort of your employees.

These machines empower you to establish cutting-edge storage solutions for essential tools and materials, coupled with robust tools for monitoring, controlling, and managing various business aspects.


Applications of Industrial Dispensing Machines

Find out how you can use them in your business.

Convenient Access to Industrial Goods

Streamline time management and enhance employee comfort with efficient distribution systems for products, components, tools, and more.

Stock Monitoring and Automatic Orders

Combat goods shortages effectively with our automated ordering feature, activated when stock levels dip below set minimums.

Inventory Management and Optimisation

Guarantee uninterrupted access to essential items while simultaneously reducing storage expenses.

Support for Quality Control Processes

Facilitate the management of instrument calibration and the efficient collection of items needing inspection or service.

What makes it worth it

Discover why IRMATIC is the ideal industrial solution.

24/7 Product Distribution

Efficiently dispense, receive, and dispose of items – be it reusable assortments or waste – swiftly, intuitively, safely, and without constraints.

Control and Monitoring

Monitor stock levels of selected products, manage access, and allocate limits to individual employees.

Scalability and Development

Employ our modular system to flexibly adapt to your organization’s evolving needs.

Valuable Data

Generate reports, analyse, and track key parameters in real-time using our sophisticated system.

Easy Operation

Utilise the user-friendly IRSYSTEM software, offering comprehensive control over all crucial aspects, accessible anywhere, at any time.

IRMATIC Industrial Dispensing Machines

Discover our dispensing solutions created with industry in mind.

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