Distribution Machine

Guarantee efficient and automated product distribution within your company

The IRDRAWER is a self-service unit that enables the storage and dispensing of up to 1,792 distinct products of varying sizes.

Conveniently placeable anywhere, either inside or outside your facility, it provides round-the-clock support to your employees.


Up to 1,792 compartments in a single device

Housed in easy-to-access drawers, configurable and adaptable to the size of specific products.

Full Scalability

Combine with other IRMATIC solutions to create a comprehensive system for receiving, dispensing, and disposing of products, enhancing operational efficiency.

Data at Your Fingertips

Utilise a sophisticated reporting system to collect, process, and analyse valuable data.

Intuitive Operation

Benefit from up to 2 product loading options and a user-friendly 21-inch screen.

What makes it worth it

Explore the key advantages of the IRDRAWER solution.

Seamlessly integrate it with other modules for ongoing business support

The IRDRAWER’s modularity enables efficient connection and cooperation with other IRMATIC machines.

Such functionality will give you full scalability. Should your company’s requirements evolve, you have the flexibility to add new modules at any time, including options for product dispensing, waste reception, and more.


Regain control over product usage and slash consumption by as much as 50%

The unit comes equipped with cutting-edge barcode, QR code, and RFID readers. With these, your employees can instantly access exactly what they need.

Moreover, you’ll have the option to set limits on selected products, enabling you to significantly reduce wastage due to overuse.

Manage everything from a single location – via a functional and customizable application

You will receive the IRDRAWER distribution machine, bundled with our proprietary software – IRSYSTEM. This system will be configured and tailored specifically to your company’s requirements. Features you can utilise include:


  • Remote process management and access permissions.
  • Data migration and rapid server-to-machine communication.
  • Integration with ERP, GERP, SAP, and other systems.
  • A real-time view of statuses.

Tailor to the specific requirements of your organization

The unit features two types of drawers, configurable to your preferences – considering the number of compartments, as well as their height, width, and depth.

This flexibility affords you as many as 12 independent configuration options, offering substantial capacity and extensive return functionalities. In its most comprehensive setup, the IRDRAWER can accommodate up to 1,792 distinct products!


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