IRPOINT Storage Terminal

Effortlessly manage your warehouse operations anytime, anywhere, with speed and convenience

IRPOINT is an innovative self-service terminal (info kiosk) available in three versions. IRPOINT virtualises your warehouse space and inventory, streamlining the processes of: ordering, reserving, distributing, and returning products.

This virtual warehouse optimises picker and stockist workflows, ensures precise monitoring of internal and external flows, and accurately records your entire inventory.


Complete Warehouse Control

Record up to 100,000 unique product indexes for a fast and convenient overview of all key.

Seamless and Comprehensive Integration

Integrate seamlessly with any enterprise inventory management system, including ERP, GERP, or SAP.

Save Time and Money

Reduce product range consumption by up to 50% with simple management and easy control.

Intuitive Use

Enjoy an easy-to-read 21-inch screen and user-friendly software interface.

Reports and Monitoring

Access real-time data and stock levels with automated SQL reports.

Efficient Operation

Utilise built-in RFID readers, and barcode and QR code scanners.


Full Scalability

Connect seamlessly to other IRMATIC devices.


Available in three versions: standing, wall-mounted, and countertop – adaptable to the needs and challenges of your business.


Putting the device into practice

Discover how your warehouse operations could improve with this device. Here are a few scenarios:

IRPOINT as a communication system for warehouse staff

Employee: Logs into the device with an RFID card and selects “Pick product.” They then receive information about the exact location of the selected items (displayed on the screen or printed on a receipt).

Stock Clerk: Sees the order information immediately in IRSystem and can fulfil it while the employee goes to the warehouse.

Picking of goods is confirmed via RFID card or an individual PIN code

IRPOINT as a system for controlling warehouse access

Employee: Logs into the device located at the warehouse entrance. They select a product or product group (by placing an order) and are then granted access to the selected items (by opening the warehouse or specific lockers).

Additionally, they can receive a receipt with information on where the selected products are located.

IRPOINT as a system for ordering products

In this scenario, assortment management and distribution are transferred to external parties.

Employee: Places an initial order with an external supplier (with tiered approval).

IRPOINT orders the product, and the employee is notified when and where to pick it up.

What makes it worth it

Discover the key functionalities and their benefits.

Gain an all-encompassing view of your warehouse activities

Classic warehouse management methods are time-consuming and costly, and manual product recording can lead to numerous and expensive mistakes.

With IRPOINT, your company gains a modern, efficient tool that allows you to fully control and manage your inventory directly from the IRSystem application.


Manage your warehouse on-site and remotely – from any location you desire

IRPOINT is available in various configurations, allowing it to be located virtually anywhere.

The solution features an intuitive screen and user-friendly interface (with large product icons), making the issuing and returning of items fast, smooth, and uninterrupted.
With constant internet access, you can use it remotely via any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.).

Control access and storage flows

IRSystem allows you to conveniently grant access to employees and, if necessary, restrict products by group or department.
Additionally, you’ll have access to a detailed history of individual operations and the ability to generate clear, insightful reports whenever needed.

The content of the reports can be freely modified, and their dispatch can be fully automatic.


Match your current infrastructure and scale whenever you want

The machine is equipped with the proprietary Virtual Warehouse application, an integral part of the IRSystem software.

You can connect it to other IRMATIC devices and integrate it with external systems.

IRPOINT can also be equipped with a printer that issues receipts for completed stock transactions.


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