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IRSPACE Product Distribution Space

Create your own mobile product management centre

The IRSPACE transcends traditional distribution machinery. It’s a completely mobile space, housed in a container, offering product distribution around the clock, automatically, without staffing needs, and independent of location.

A contemporary alternative to conventional tool rooms or health and safety warehouses, the IRSPACE is designed to save costs and maximise your business’s potential.


Three Space Sizes

Select from the available options – 3, 6, and 12 metres in length.


Configure to your heart’s content: include all or selected IRMATIC machines.

Everything in One Place

Utilise for a range of functions: from dispensing and receiving to disposal and comprehensive product distribution.

24/7 Availability

Enjoy remote management and ensure access across all shifts.

What makes it worth it

Discover the key benefits of our comprehensive IRSPACE solution.

Adaptable to Your Needs

Access three size variants (from 3 to 12 metres) and a plethora of equipment configuration choices.

Future modifications? Effortlessly alter your current module or integrate it with new ones.

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Centralise key functionalities and use them in one convenient place

The IRSPACE is a fully scalable solution, adaptable to your immediate requirements.

Accommodate devices such as IRSTOCK 945, IRSTOCK 1260, IRDRAWER, IRDEPO, or IRPOINT, all managed remotely via our IRSYSTEM software.

Move it around and use it where you need it

A distribution centre designed for your specific needs.

We offer it as a mobile container for permanent or temporary placement in your warehouse or facility.


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Do you want to implement IRSPACE in your company?

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Set a date for a free consultation, get detailed information and a quote, and see how the IRSPACE can transform your organisation.


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