Dispensing Machines for the Public Sector

Ensure efficient distribution of medical equipment

Discover how IRMATIC machines aid in cost-reduction for government bodies, public entities, and ministries.

We provide smart solutions for distribution and inventory management, ensuring efficient resource control in government operations and judicious use of taxpayer funds.


Application of Dispensing Machines in Government Offices and Units

Explore the versatility of our products.

Broad Application Spectrum

Including office supplies, documents, cleaning and building maintenance items, IT equipment, vehicle fleet management resources, and key distribution.

Unmanned Operation

Automated order generation and activity reporting for machines,
eliminating manual tracking and inventory processes.

Cost Reduction

Streamlined control over supplier billing, reducing costs and product usage through effective monitoring of product utilisation and maintaining minimum stock levels.


Customisable access limitations on selected products, allowing entry only to authorized personnel.

What makes it worth it

These are the main strengths of our equipment.

24/7 Availability

Round-the-clock access to necessary products.

Control and Monitoring

Instant, real-time updates on the status of each connected device.

Scalability and Development

Opportunity to integrate further IRMATIC modules as needed.

Valuable Data

Comprehensive organisational analysis of stock levels, product usage, and replenishment needs.

Easy Operation

Capability to manage the device from any location.

IRMATIC Dispensing Machines for the Public Sector

View our range of dispensing machines supporting the functions of government offices and state institutions.

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