IRDEPO MAX Self-Service Receiving Machine

Receive, store, and record used products 24/7

The IRDEPO MAX is a state-of-the-art machine for the efficient management of recyclable products or those intended for reuse.

It can function as a mobile waste bin or a storage facility for used and dirty items, such as work clothes.


24/7 access to the drop box

The machine can accept products and materials at all times – automatically, whenever needed.

Flexibility and Scalability

Easily placeable anywhere in the warehouse or plant, and compatible with other IRMATIC machines.

Full Monitoring

Control occupancy levels, the volume of returned products, and even manage waste effectively.

Intuitive Use

Disposal is effortless, with products inserted into the automatically opening loading chamber, which then fall into the mobile basket.

What makes it worth it

Discover the advantages of the IRDEPO MAX receiving machine.

Combine with any IRMATIC device to create comprehensive systems supporting your business

The IRDEPO MAX is a SLAVE device that integrates seamlessly with all MASTER solutions.

For example, it can be paired with the IRSTOCK 945 dispensing machine, forming a ready-to-use system for both the receipt and dispensing of products.


Gain control over what actually goes into the return

Our machine boasts a state-of-the-art vision system and optical sensors, enabling comprehensive recording of returned products.

Also features occupancy monitoring, alerting you when emptying is required.

Monitor key parameters and enjoy multiple options for real-time control and steering

Connect with a MASTER type machine to access our dedicated IRSYSTEM software, tailored to your requirements. Our software offers:

  • Data migration and swift server-to-machine communication.
  • Integration with ERP, GERP, SAP, and more.
  • Automatic report generation and order placements.
  • A preview of states available in the machine.
  • Device access authorization management.

Reduce costs associated with unplanned product losses

The IRDEPO MAX receiving machine includes an option to mandate the return of old products before retrieving new ones.

This encourages employees to return used assortments, potentially slashing your shopping expenses by up to 50%.


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