IRLOCKER Product Distribution Machine

Efficiently receive and dispense products, anytime, unattended

Discover the versatility of the IRLOCKER, an all-encompassing dispensing machine, ideal for product distribution in warehouses or production facilities.

This spacious unit, offering flexible configurations from 6 up to 72 compartments, can be tailored to various product sizes and your specific business needs.

Operating around the clock, the IRLOCKER ensures products are always accessible, irrespective of working hours, holidays, or weekends.


Up to 72 compartments in a single device

(expandable up to an additional 1,200 compartments with drawers) – this device can even accommodate power tools.

Modularity and Scalability

Install indoors or outdoors, seamlessly integrating with other IRMATIC devices.

Full Analytics Access

Stay informed with an advanced, real-time reporting system.

Efficient Service

Boasting an intuitive 21″ interface, with up to 2 options for loading products into the machine.

What makes it worth it

Explore the benefits of our dispensing and receiving machine – the IRLOCKER.

Combine with IRMATIC modules to gain new opportunities and enhance their full potential

The IRLOCKER is fully compatible with other devices.

The IRLOCKER can be expanded with additional lockers and drop boxes, forming comprehensive systems tailored to your company’s needs.


Optimise your processes, accelerate workflows and cut waste by up to 50%

For returns, take advantage of the built-in RFID reader, barcode, and QR code scanners. These features streamline the process, making it more intuitive, significantly faster, and help in reducing potential product waste.

For loading, benefit from up to 2 available options for fast and convenient machine refilling.

Gain control over key areas of the receiving and dispensing unit’s operation

Like other machines in our range, the IRLOCKER comes with our proprietary software – IRSYSTEM, which offers:

  • Remote process management and access authorisation capabilities.
  • Data migration and rapid server-to-machine communication.
  • Integration with systems like ERP, GERP, SAP, etc.
  • Real-time state overviews.

Embrace flexibility and effortlessly adapt to your business requirements

Our dispensing machine is entirely customisable, empowering you to select not only the capacity of individual compartments but also their variety and quantity.

You have the liberty to choose from six diverse options, capable of storing as many as 1,200 products.


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