IRSYSTEM Product Distribution Management System

Efficiently manage all dispensing and receiving product processes

The IRSYSTEM is cutting-edge software crafted to maximise the efficiency of IRMATIC equipment.

Seamlessly integrate it with our dispensing machines as well as external systems, ensuring complete oversight and control of your product stock and distribution processes.


A lot available integrations

With external systems such as ERP, GERP, SAP and many others.

Full Compatibility

Seamlessly integrates with all IRMATIC machines.

Access to Essential Data

Gain insights through orders, reports, real-time monitoring, and more.

Software Personalisation

We can tailor the system to your business’s unique requirements upon request.

What makes it worth it

Discover the myriad benefits of our comprehensive IRSYSTEM software.

Connect and have control over all product distribution machines

The IRSYSTEM is ingeniously designed to offer you insight, access and comprehensive management of all IRMATIC equipment.

Integrate and command solutions like ROSTOCK 945, IROSTOCK 1260, IRLOCKER, IRDEPO, IRDRAWER, and even the entire IRSPACE.


Integrate with other systems to create a single, coherent platform

Our software effortlessly synchronises with external systems such as ERP, GERP, SAP, and more.

This allows for easy integration in just a few simple steps, avoiding time-intensive and costly system overhauls.

Gain access to valuable data and useful functionalities

Our proprietary software can be configured and tailored to meet the needs of your business. Even in its basic configuration, our proprietary software offers:


  • Full control of access, allowing you to dictate who can use which devices and to what degree.
  • An extensive reporting module, with options to export CSV and SQL files.
  • A real-time view of statuses.
  • Automatic product order generation.

Create your own e-commerce warehouse or fully automated shop

The software is equipped with modern e-commerce functionalities.

Our software enables you to establish your own online platform for selling, recording, and dispensing products.

Are you looking for devices to integrate with this system?

Explore the cutting-edge dispensing machines in our IRMATIC range.

Do you want to implement this system in your company?

Join the growing community of satisfied customers already benefitting from its features.

Select a date for a consultation to gain essential insights, receive a personalised quote, and understand how the IRSYSTEM can enhance your business operations.


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