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Devices for collecting and returning items in your company.

Optimize processes in your company by using our solutions.
Thanks to IRstock and IRlocker you will:

Greater efficiency

Our intelligent IRStock and IRLocker solutions mean:

IRMATIC offers the most flexible choice of scalable solutions on the market to optimize your pick-up, warehouse and sales processes.


Industry leaders trust us because we:

By choosing IRMATIC, you put the focus on high quality with a modern twist. Multifunctional vending machines and Click & Collect solutions are at your fingertips.

Maximum performance

The Polish manufacturer IRMATIC with its IRStock and IRLocker solutions stands for:

In the era of industry 4.0, ensuring the appropriate number of qualified employees is a challenge - we will help you overcome it.

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In industry, vending machines primarily play the role of storage compartments and record pick-ups and returns of production tools, as well as personal protective equipment.

Thanks to IRMATIC solutions, you can rely on intuitive, easy-to-use and reliable vending devices that fit into the daily functioning of your company.

Dedicated IRsystem software, which is an integral part of our devices, allows you to remotely control who and when accesses a given item, effectively reducing the risk of employee abuse.


Classic Click & Collect solutions for retail allow customers to shop online and collect purchases in person at any time, even when the store is no longer open.

IRMATIC has offer includes both IRlocker devices that perform Click & Collect processes, and IRstock devices that address, among others, in-store sales of products. The drum structure, glazing on the side walls, payment terminal, fiscal printer, large-format DS monitors make IRStock a display and advertising space as well as a shop, all in one device.

This is a new method of reaching customers, which perfectly complements the online shopping system, optimizes related processes and, thanks to dedicated IRSystem software allows Retailers to identify online sales of Tenants.


Modern  IRMATIC devices facilitate safe dispensing of medical products, personal protective equipment, medicines, pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements.

They allow accessing the necessary resources stored in the device 24 hours a day, without the need to contact another person, thanks to which their use is safe and hygienic.

Equipping IRstock with a payment terminal, fiscal printer, and large-format DS monitors makes it a display and advertising space as well as a shop, all in one device.

Dedicated IRS software enables continuous supervision of vending devices, with the possibility of them operating in one network, and the products that are in them. IRsystem also ensures that the appropriate temperature in the device is maintained, allowing sensitive products to keep their parameters.

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A universal drum machine for use as a vending machine with return capabilities, mobile shop or distributor. It is distinguished by:

Urządzenia IRStock devices are an intelligent space that allows not only the collection and storage of goods, but also returns and payments IRS software for each machine, tailored to the needs of each client, which opens up unlimited possibilities of remote process management in your company.


A machine for modern vending and storage of items with hybrid use, combining storage solutions (for medium and large dimensions) and drawer solutions (for small products). Its most important features are:

The device allows access to the products 24 hours a day, without the need for employee support.

About Us

We are a Polish producer of vending solutions for retail, industry and healthcare. Dynamic development is inscribed in IRMATIC’s DNA - we are constantly developing new intelligent solutions to better respond to the needs and problems of entrepreneurs. We are responsible for the entire process, from design, through production, to the implementation of unique technological solutions at the client’s location.

Our mission? IRMATIC is a response to the challenges of a changing world. In our activities, we fit into the global trend of changes related to Retail 3.0 and Industry 4.0. At the same time, we know that each company is different, therefore we do not duplicate solutions, and in each case, we individually prepare both the software and vending modules.