IRSTOCK 945 Dispensing Machine

Dispense products and accept returns – unmanned and around the clock

The IRSTOCK 945 is an innovative dispensing machine that fully automates the distribution of products in your warehouse.

Its flexible configuration allows for 105 to 945 unique compartments in a single device.

Utilise it as a dispensing unit, or transform it into an automatic store or warehouse, situated wherever you require.


Up to 945 compartments in a single device

wybieraj spośród 9 konfiguracji wymiarów skrytek i dopasuj je do swoich produktów

Universality and Modularity

Operate indoors or outdoors, and combine effortlessly with other IRMATIC devices.

Full Analytics

Gain convenient access to crucial data and a comprehensive reporting system.

Easy to Use

Navigate using the intuitive interface – directly through the clear 21-inch screen.

What makes it worth it

Explore the primary benefits of the IRSTOCK 945 Dispensing Machine.

Adapt, evolve, and modify configurations as you wish

The IRSTOCK 945 offers complete universality and flexibility.

Adjust the sizes of individual compartments and link them with other modules, catering to both your current and future business needs.


Speed up work and reduce product consumption by up to 50%

The equipment includes a built-in barcode and QR code reader, simplifying the process of returning products.

The RFID reader, meanwhile, enables control over individual employee access to retrieved products, enhancing oversight of processes.

A dispensing machine is not just a convenience; it’s a tangible way to economise. With this feature, you can set limits on products or materials, helping to reduce losses due to, for example, excessive use or material wastage.

Control key parameters and manage the device in real-time

Upon acquiring the IRSTOCK 945, you’ll also receive the proprietary IRSYSTEM software, tailored 100% to your needs and your organisation’s specifics. This software offers:

  • Virtually unlimited options for remote process management.
  • Capability for data migration and swift server-to-machine communication.
  • Integration possibilities with systems like ERP, GERP, SAP, etc.
  • Real-time updates on automation status.
  • Complete control over employee access authorization.

Gain access to comprehensive and advanced analytics

The machine features a reporting module capable of exporting files in CSV and SQL formats, providing access to automatic reports and orders.

At your request, we can enhance it with dedicated software that accommodates your company’s internal processes.


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