About Us

Meet our team

IRMATIC, now a thriving collective of experts, excels in the planning, construction, configuration, and installation of state-of-the-art dispensing equipment.

Our skilled ensemble includes seasoned designers, engineers, and fitters dedicated to bolstering the operations of hundreds of companies across Europe every day.

Przemysław Jałocha

As our Manager, Przemysław is deeply committed to the continual enhancement of both products and processes within the organisation. He is actively engaged in the design and development of innovative products.

His passion lies in embracing new technologies that not only expand product capabilities through the Internet of Things (IoT) but also bolster business operations via data analytics (BI, AI) and streamline manufacturing processes (Industry 4.0).

As part of his work, he adeptly incorporates lean management principles to boost our competitive edge.

Sebastian Sawicki

Manager, specialises in conceptualising and designing process support equipment in the realms of Industry 4.0 and Retail 3.0.

He oversees the substantive, technological, and financial aspects of new R&D projects, particularly in the domain of equipment construction for specific industries.

His focus is on optimising every phase of the design and production process.

His impressive portfolio includes collaborations with entities such as GK Polimex Mostostal, ZRE Katowice, Medical University of Warsaw, and Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa.

Michał Zaremba

Manager with extensive expertise in sales, logistics, and production planning, has a rich background in sectors like ICT, INDUSTRY, and FMCG.

He is adept at managing projects from formal, legal, financial, and sales perspectives. His professional journey includes significant projects for companies such as T-Mobile, Tech Data, Samsung, Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa.

He is instrumental in enhancing logistics and production processes, particularly in the realms of Self Service, Self Checkout, Digital Signage, and Click&Collect.